We Specialize in Virtual Professional Accounting & Tax Services for Small to Medium Businesses, Veterinarians, and Veterinary Industry Entrepreneurs
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Welcome Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs! 

We are a small business helping other small businesses one entrepreneur at a time. It is our passion to help small business owners succeed and be the best that they can be. Many small business owners discover the hard way that bookkeeping is a time consuming task. In fact, the average business owner spends eighteen hours per month completing their books. Imagine what you could do with ALL of that time when you are able to put it into growing your business!

We look forward to building a relationship that goes beyond just keeping your books!

Professional Accounting Services

  • If you have fallen behind in your books, we can help you catch them up.

  • Track cost of goods sold (COGS), record expenses, and organize all of your company’s financial transactions.

  • Design internal controls and cash flow management.

  • Ongoing weekly bookkeeping, with personalized one-on-one month end statement review.

  • We use Standardized Chart of Accounts that fit with your small business.

Professional Financial Advisory Services

  • Receive personalized, monthly in-house financial statements (Balance Sheet/Income Statement/Statement of Cash Flows) that allow you to monitor your assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.

  • Personal one-on-one, in depth, account review of your financial statements every month. Yes, you will finally be able to understand your business reports and how to thrive moving forward.

  • Professional advice on how to make informed financial decisions.

  • Advise on credit card fees, banking fees, subscription fees and how to get them down to a gnats a$$. 

  • Help you to create a  strategy for eliminating financial risk and building wealth over the long term. Feel confident in purchasing that much needed new equipment and/or software. 

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Professional Tax Services

  • Tax Preparation for both personal and business tax filing, including non-profit, for current year, past years, and amendments. 

  • Personal one-on-one tax consulting throughout the year. You can rest easy knowing we are with you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Create an individualized, specific tax strategy for future years to come. All businesses are not created equal and require a tax strategy that fits its induvial needs.

  • Electronic tax filing of Federal, Personal, and State (some restrictions may apply).

  • State of Hawaii, General Excise Tax filing.